Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The only thing sadder than watching "Sweet 16"

is realizing it's an episode you've already seen. Oh, I have sunk so low.

I got kidney stones. Yes, again. And you know wha?t, they *are* better the second time around. It's like dessert after a wonderful dinner. and the painkillers are the mints they have by the door.

So I'm watching celebtrity Poker Showdown and this woman kept raising and raising and she had nothing in her hand and everyone was like "oooh, bad time to bluff" and she lost and it turned out she thought she had a straight. How upsetting is that? She looked pretty mad.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Sometimes I'm sitting in class and I realize that I am technically in law school. I am supposed to understand the phrases my prof is using: "possesory interest", "colorable claim", etc. At some point I am supposed to start using these phrases. In court. Or when talking to a client. Or trying to impress chicks. That's when I look at the corner.

In the corner of 118, behind the rows and rows of desks of students desperately pretending they understand what's going on, is a shadow. And hiding in the cover of that shadow is a cardboard box. And in that box is a golden sphere, levitating exactly 2 inches off the ground, 2 inches from each side of the box. The sphere is covered with crumbled candy canes and broken dreams. Inside the sphere is a buckyball made out of very small caramel apples connected by thin steel bars. On each apple, a fairy is perched with one finger touching a plastic, blue water bottle in the center of the buckyball. And floating in that water bottle, in a calm sea of Crystal Pepsi, is my ability to pay attention.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Wrong Apology, Wrong Time

This is not how you apologize when you are responsable for the death of thousands. This is how you apologize when you were late picking someone up from the train station. And you're defensive about it.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

I obviously don't know David Brooks well enough

But when he started talking about changing poverty in NO, I thought he might talk about more money for underfunded schools and for assistance programs and health care.

But no, apparently, the problem with poor people is that they don't know how to act right, like middle class people do. They don't expect to go to college, so they don't. They expect to have children as teenagers, so they do. While I admit that expectation plays a real and tangible role in oppression, David Brooks gets entirely turned around. He talks about a "culture" of "dysfunctionality" that just needs to be broken up and integrated into "functioning" society. Instead of characterizing these "expectations" with the complexity they deserve, acknowledging that they are the effects of long-standing oppression that must itself be addressed, he says we just need to shuffle the lower-class into the middle-class.

He clearly has these expectations himself. He expects "failure" from the lower-class. He thinks only the middle class can "save" them. He is part of this machine that says that there is something wrong with people below the poverty level that puts them there. If these expectations exist, they do so only because they have been put there by decades of laws and rhetoric that have been saying the same thing.

And, of course, poor people don't care if they have to be uprooted and move somewhere new, away from their neighbors and family. They're just happy for a "blank slate".

I think it's amazing how success is defined as getting a high level of education, making a lot of money, and acting "middle class", which I'm guessing all classes above "middle" do as well. So, basically, success means not being born poor. Huh. So the classes in power set the rules, give everyone their starting chips, and then blame people for not winning.

And I am still interested in who exactly the "middle class" are. As far as I can tell, they are a fictitious group that exist solely so that politicians can pretend that they care about "good, regular people". Do they exist?

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

AmericaBlog has a correspondant

Can you believe this? This is the next step, from gathering news to writing it. Will the blogs become newspapers? Will we finally have access to news that isn't produced by one of a few giant corporations? Will it make MSM finally shape up and use the facts?

My Mom told me about this post from MyDD. The top 6 leftist blogs each have more readership than the top conservative blog. Tides are changing. They have power. This is where a lot of people are getting their news. How long until they stop sifting and start straight-out creating?

On another note, my Mom and I went canvassing on Labor Day to find out about what people think about same-sex marriage, since there will be a ruling on it this fall or early winter from our Supreme Court. Mom was awesome and totally got everyone to talk to us and finish the entire survey. I just stood there, looking gay but non-threatening. We're a good team.

Monday, September 05, 2005

A MSM (Mainstream Media) Commentary to Knock Your Socks Off

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